Student Testimonials

Here is what some of our students had to say about our courses.

Thomas Otiato

Thomas is a trustee and leader of an orphanage with nearly 100 children. After the main sponsor passed away a few years ago the orphanage struggled to source the funding to feed and care for the children.

He decided to roll up his sleeves and start to look for an income-generating project to help make the home sustainable.

After taking a few online courses with eLengo, the home started a small-scale poultry project and learned how to start the RIGHT WAY. One year later the home was able to consistently sell birds/fertile eggs and bring in enough funds to support the children.

Student Testimonials

99% of eLengo graduates would take another course!

The courses are amazing! I have learned so much and am grateful to this platform. To the farmer out there considering agribusiness, this platform will help you farm the right way and will save you money, time and stress. You will be smiling to the bank with your profit. eLengo is simply the best, please keep it up!




I just want to appreciate you for putting together the eLengo platform for us to learn advanced skills in farming in such an effective and efficient manner. eLengo is my primary source of agronomic knowledge and I am looking forward to taking even more courses to improve my know-how as a farmer!




Kawila Musyoka

This is Kawila, she started a chicken farm in order to pay for her daughter's university fees rent. Through her chicken business, she has managed to improve her livelihood.

By enrolling for the eLengo chicken farming course, Kawila was able to improve the chicken housing, brooders for the young chicks, disease knowledge, prevention and treatment.

She has since been able to grow her farm to over 300 birds!

I am happy to become one of the students of eLengo. I have a passion for livestock farming and came across eLengo on my mobile. They gave me lessons from A-Z that put my mind to rest. I love the method and package of the program - it was so easy to understand. Thank you, this platform is a gift!




These courses shed light on profitable ways of investing in the agri-business sector. These courses are for both starters and experienced farmers. They will equip you with the proper knowledge to grow and improve your farm. I am so glad to have joined you!




Simon Elupwe

Meet Simon, a livestock manager at CJ's farm. Due to a lack of knowledge and information the farm was experiencing significant losses.

Simon decided to get the right education and enrolled in a few online courses with eLengo.

After applying the knowledge he learned he has been improving every month and now has doubled the herd. Learn more about Simon's story.

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